Unobstructed Outdoor Access

We believe every human being should have the opportunity to GROW outside. Access to wild spaces should not be limited due to a lack of gear, guidance, or representation. We’re breaking down these barriers and we’re starting with our youth right here in Idaho.


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Who We Are

Grow Outdoor Access (GOA) is a collective of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists who believe that every human should have the opportunity to build deep, personal connections with the outdoors. This is why GOA provides resources and training to those who want to get out and experience nature but either cannot afford the proper gear, or lack the experience to do so safely. As community leaders, we strive to maximize our impact on environmental preservation as we seek to diversify the outdoor community and provide unforgettable experiences for those who’ve never had the opportunity.

How We Do It

Build a Gear Library

First things first, we need gear! We are collecting in-kind donations of new and used gear as well as fundraising to make purchases through our partner organizations. We are currently looking for storage and inventory options to manage this operation.

Train Youth Mentors

Once we have the gear we can begin to train youth leaders in our community. This spring and summer we will host several training sessions to provide adults with the confidence and skills to lead youth into the wild.

Outfit for Adventure

Once we have gear and youth mentors, we will connect the two for some glorious outdoor experiences. Graduates of our trainings will have FREE access to our gear so they can outfit their troops and provide unforgettable experiences.



Help us by donating gear or help fund our initiative with a cash donation.

Become a Youth Mentor

Sign up for one of our Leadership Trainings for full gear access to outfit all of your trips.

A Special Thanks To Our Partners & Sponsors

Grow Outdoor Access is a local, Idaho based initiative.

We have fiscal sponsorship under The Children Are Our Future, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization • EIN 85-0409005